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~Coach Rice, ACT Prep Teacher
3.7 ACT ≈ 180 SAT
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“We sponsor this program nationwide. Doing well on the SAT/ACT opens opportunities.”
Karissa Niehoff, NFHS Executive Director
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David Jackson

Executive Director
Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association

I’ve seen how students benefit from this NFHS sponsored ACT/SAT project. We encourage all Oklahoma schools and education groups to spread the word so more families will be helped.”

Rob Cuff

Executive Director, Utah High School Activities Association

“Not only has this program been a tremendous benefit to many Utah families, it has personally benefited my own children. I am grateful this program promotes UHSAA’s goal of assisting our schools and families with their academic needs.”

Donna Polk

Executive Director, Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association

“This lets us provide educational resources for all students—especially underserved families. We encourage our schools to do what they can to let families know about this project.”

Ty Jones

Executive Director, Idaho High School Activities Association

“This is a great opportunity for Idaho’s students to receive SAT/ACT test prep at a tremendous savings to their families. Our schools can now use this service to better serve their students in preparing for post secondary careers.”

Sally Marquez

Executive Director
New Mexico Activities Association

“We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from school administrators about the impact of this program. We are grateful eKnowledge is offering this to students in New Mexico and across the country.”

Dan Swartos

Executive Director
New Mexico Activities Association

“Since 2012, the SDHSAA has proudly supported the SAT/ACT Prep Project from NFHS and eKnowledge. This is a wonderful resource for students and we encourage families to take advantage of this opportunity.“

Marilyn “Que” Tucker

Commissioner, North Carolina High School Athletic Association

“NCHSAA is grateful to eKnowledge for providing SAT & ACT Prep to our students here in NC. This is an affordable way our students can receive the assistance necessary to succeed. On behalf of our NCHSAA students and families, THANK YOU!”

Mike Burnham

Executive Director, Interscholastic Division Main Principal’s Association

“The MPA enthusiastically supports the NFHS and the eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep Project. We ask our principals to inform their families about this valuable and heavily discounted resource.”


David Hines M.Ed.

Executive Director
Arizona Interscholastic Association

“The AIA has supported this project for many years. It provides tremendous benefit to all students but especially to under-served families. We highly recommend our ADs and principals convey this information directly to our parents and students.”

Tom Keating

Executive Director, Iowa High School Athletic Association

“For many years, NFHS and eKnowledge have supported hundreds of Iowa families and students with SAT/ACT online prep resources. The IHSAA is extremely proud to continue our partnership with eKnowledge for the benefit of Iowa families.”

Lance Taylor

Executive Director
Arkansas Activities Association

For more than a decade students in Arkansas have benefited from the this project. We are indeed grateful for eKnowledge for helping to prepare our students. Financially, this program is designed to aid all high school students who are seriously considering college. We totally support it.”

Robert Johnson

Associate Executive Director
Vermont Principals’ Association

“We are proud to support the NFHS/eKnoweldge SAT/ACT Prep project and the many Vermont families and students that will benefit. We encourage our principals and athletic directors to spread the word about this resource.“

The tests are standardized

Students are not

Research-Based Curriculum

Real Exam Questions 
With detailed explanation

  Test Strategy & Skills
Anxiety-relief resources

  College Search
Tie learning to outcome

Caity got a scholarship to Stanford, but…

Caity got a scholarship to Stanford, but…

Track every student at every step

Check Progress
Every lesson, quiz, & question

Predict Scores
Make data-driven decisions

Not traditional? Not a problem

Custom Study Plans
Personalized learning

 Learning Style Specific
Differentiated Instruction

Real Connection

  Peer Teaching
Online student Q&A

For teachers and parents

  Mobile Friendly
Anytime, anywhere

Live TeacherChat

Teachers get Support

Anytime access to a dedicated professional for all technology or material related questions.

Students get Unstuck

On-demand, advanced-degree help from highly-qualified test experts.

Live TeacherChat

Teachers get Support

Anytime access to a dedicated professional for all technology or material related questions.

Students get Unstuck

On-demand, advanced-degree help from highly-qualified test experts.

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Trusted community leaders approve

“I realize the critical importance of a good education; it is an honor to lend my support to the eKnowledge Project to help students with their college preparations.”

Coy Wire

Stanford University, NFL: Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills; CNN, HLN Broadcaster

“NCFCA is glad to join with the eKnowledge SAT/ACT Prep Program to bring this tremendous tool to our students. I hope every one of our students is able to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Teresa Hudson

President, National Christian Forensics and Communications Association

“Every day through the National Association of American Veterans, Inc., an average of one hundred plus veterans contact NAAV for support. We are thankful for the educational resources eKnowledge provides Veterans and their families.”

Constance Burns

CEO, National Association of American Veterans Inc (NAAV)

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