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An Impossible Job

Every year, high schools are tasked with improving ACT/SAT scores. This requires teachers to review all four years of high school academic material, discover and remediate each student’s specific weaknesses, for large and diverse student bodies, under tight resource constraints, and with constant pressure to improve the school’s state ranking.

Sound familiar?

An Incredible Outcome

Learn how our students ranked in the 99th percentile for national score improvement.

The Solution

PowerPrep is an innovative online classroom ACT/SAT prep program that hyper-personalizes test prep AT SCALEfreeing up teachers and maximizing existing school resources.

Students get their own personalized programs that diagnose individual weaknesses and generate customized study plans—rich with multimedia content, progress tracking, smart reports, and more. Students progress at their optimum pace both in the classroom and at home.

Teachers are freed to do what they do best: encourage, motivate, and intervene 1-on-1 when needed. Teachers no longer have to be ACT/SAT subject matter experts or create lesson plans as all instruction is done in-program.

Even a single teacher can effectively manage hundreds of students with no increase in workload.

The Results

Want proof? These pilot test results were achieved at Bearden High School, a large and diverse school in Knoxville, TN, after just one semester:

  • The entire cohort improved an average of 3.8 points; some increased up to 11 points!
  • They ranked in the 99th percentile for score improvement!
  • Students who spent 19+ hours in the program improved 4.7 points average.
  • Parents shared things like, “Going from a 20 to a 31 will change our son’s life.”
  • Bearden High achieved a perfect score on their state performance benchmarks.
  • Other schools asked how they managed to improve their scores and state ranking so much, so fast.

Happy Schools

For students, parents, and teachers, PowerPrep means outstanding achievement amidst whatever challenges.

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