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Tawni El-Talabani:

“We have renewed 6 times so all our children could have the program. Thank you for your support and caring for our children. It is appreciated so very much!”

 Roosevelt Boyland:

“I used this program to help my two sons. They went on to graduate from M.I.T. and Harvard and one of them starts medical school this fall. I know that my daughter will have similar success. Thank you for helping to make a real difference in the lives of my family. God Bless.”

 Jim Koch:

“My granddaughter scored 1580 on both PSAT and SAT. She is a National Merit Semifinalist this year in Massachusetts. She used your program exclusively. Thanks.”

Michael Maher:

“We have renewed the five times since 2007. Thank you from this Veteran of 27 years, 9 children, helping my children qualify for bright futures in Florida. They all got four years of college. God Bless.”

Andrea Johnson-Harvey:

“Great product. My son has a reading disability and needed to raise his SAT scores in order to gain NCAA eligibility. Your program helped him do that, and he is now playing lacrosse in college. Thank you”

Doreen Lund:

“Thank you so much!! Was looking into a classroom setting that was going to cost almost $800, plus the timing was off. This will allow my son to do the work on his timetable and without the financial burden. We GREATLY appreciate this!!!”

Kimberley Bates:

“Thank you! Throughout the last 5 years, our 2 eldest have gone on to Wellesley College and Sweet Briar, with full academic scholarships. Our youngest begins high school in the fall. We know this program will give her a head start.”

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Get unstuck instantly with on-demand, advanced degree instruction—without spending $100’s or $1,000’s on tutoring.

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Get on-demand, advanced degree instruction—without spending $100’s or $1,000’s on tutoring.

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