How To Use The Program

#1: Registering Your Account

A quick explanation of how to set up your password and log into your account for the first time.

#2: Getting Started

An overview of the “course library,” where your license(s) are listed.

#3: The Dashboard

Begin using the program, learn about the diagnostic, and see your predicted score.

#4: Custom Study Plan

This video demonstrates how to use your custom study plan, which the program will generate for you.

#5: The Classroom

PowerPrep is equipped with over 10,000 pieces of learning content.  This video shows you where to find exactly what you need.

#6: The Testing Center

Take your diagnostic test, learn from in-depth answer reviews, and practice with multiple skill-reinforcement exams.

#7: Taking Notes

Learn how to use PowerPrep’s built-in note-taking features

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