Training for Teachers & Schools

#1: Implementing The Program

Learn about implementing and piggy-backing this 100% self-directed program into your existing class. Select your level of involvement 1, 2 or 3—from virtually zero teacher time to offering some credit for student in-program usage. Bottom line—it takes almost none of your time, and it will produce enormous results for your students!

BONUS: it’s a perfect “innings chewer” for any unexpected situations!

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#2: The Teacher’s Dashboard

In this video, you’ll get a complete tour of the tools provided for teachers.

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#3: Accessing The Program

This video will provide instructions for registering yourself and your students, and getting student access to the program.

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#4: The Student’s Dashboard

If you want to better understand what your students are experiencing inside the program, this video lets you tour the student-facing curriculum and software to see the comprehensive and deep teaching the program gives your students.

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#5: The Diagnostic

This video will walk you through the student diagnostic test, which is the first, crucial step in every student’s study process.

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