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Whether the exam is next week or next year, this is the only program you will need.

  • All of our instructors have advanced degrees​ (Masters and PhD).
  • 400+ hours of student classwork.
  • 74+ hours of on-demand video.
  • 460+ on-demand video / multimedia lessons.
  • Live Teacher Chat in the Program.
  • 39 automatically graded progress quizzes with detailed answers.
  • 3,000 detailed practice and drill questions.
  • Detailed interactive multimedia explanations to real released exam questions.
  • Hundreds of quiz​ questions.
  • 800+ page integrated and cross-indexed multimedia eBook.
  • Vocabulary class with video instruction and 800 vocabulary words.
  • 571 bite sized FasTrak Tips.
  • Electronic outlines for each lesson and sample questions.


Get the score you need to attend the college of YOUR choice.


  • Battle tested for 15 years
  • 250,000 students
  • 35,000+ 5 star reviews
  • Millions of dollars in scholarships
  • Used in all 50 states and 40+ countries

Newly Expanded Math Class

We teach EVERY math skill tested on the exam: in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry.

  • Probability, Percentages, Statistics
  • Mean/Median/Mode/Range
  • Fractions/Ratios/Decimals
  • Substitution of Variables/Manipulating Variables, Basic Algebra
  • Functions, Graphing
  • Geometric Sequence
  • Area, Perimeter, Volume
  • Vertical Supplemental Angles
  • Scientific Notation
  • Powers, Exponents
  • Quadratics
  • Special Right Triangles, Pythagorean
  • Complex and Imaginary Numbers
  • Trigonometry, SOH-CAH-TOA, Sine Waves
  • Mid-point
  • Inequalities, Slope, x/y Intercepts, Definition of a Line
  • Coordinate Plane
  • Matrix

How we teach math

We show students how to get a problem right even when you DON’T know the math!

  • 289
    Math videos (3 mins to 15 mins each)
    Watch sample
  • 23
    Math lessons on Plane Geometry & Trigonometry
    Watch sample
  • 500+
    Pages of text and graphic detailed answers
  • 700+
    Questions with detailed explanations

Official Math Test

Actual 60-question exam from the recently released SAT/ACT which includes our own detailed video and text answers.

Check detailed Student Diagnostic Reports.

Multiple Approaches

We show you how to get a problem right even when you DON’T know the math!.

The PowerPrep is the ONLY course that demonstrate alternative methods for answering all questions

You learn how to apply real world logic, backsolve, plug in and compare answer choices, pick numbers, process of elimination and estimating. 

Math is cumulative

Many students fear math mainly because they say it doesn’t make sense in the real world. Even though students constantly ask why—they rarely get an answer that works for them. That’s because math is often presented without context as a series of rote rules students are told to memorize without knowing the “why”. We put math into context and explain WHY!

Have you ever watched a math teacher work a problem in class and it seems easy or obvious.  But, when you get home and try it on your own  you get totally stuck? Well, we provide exhaustive details that you control. You decide when you need  the instructors help—so you NEVER get stuck. This allows you to progress quickly and at your own pace.


We have analyzed years’ worth of actual exams and have extracted every grammar issue they test.
  • 26 videos
  • Tons of questions and quizzes
  • 4 actual exam passages with over 50 real questions and our detailed explanations
  • 200 Page ”Big Book of Grammar”
  • 2000+ sample questions on every grammar topic (with detailed explanations)
We teach all the grammar you will need to know for the exam Including:
  • When to use commas, dashes, semi-colons, colons etc
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Subject pronoun agreement
  • Verb tense
  • Run-on sentences
  • Misplaced phrases and clauses
  • Shifts in construction
  • Parallelism
  • Sentence structure
  • Rhetorical skills
  • Logical progression
  • Usage (300+ usage issues)

We analyzed years of reading comp questions and know exactly what you will face on the test.

Detailed passage deconstruction for over 10 passages including actually released exams.

Tools and plan of attack for every question type, including.
  • Main Idea
  • Purpose
  • Interpretation
  • Summary
  • Explicit
  • Word meaning interference techniques
  • Compare/contrast reaction tone
We also teach techniques like.
  • Extend reasoning beyond the stated.
  • SARR (Simplify, Analyze, Reduce, and Restate)
  • POE (Process of Elimination)
  • Passage, paragraph, sentences and words analysis
  • Question stems deconstruction
  • PORO: Pre-Read, Outline, Read, and Outline
  • Vocabulary and analytical reasoning

Science Reasoning

We analyzed years of Science Reasoning questions and know exactly what you will face on the test.

The best way to prepare for Science Reasoning is to do lots of these. We give you over 15 specifically selected actual Science Reasoning Passages with OUR detailed explanations for hours and hours of prep on science reasoning.

It’s heavy on graphs, diagrams, and images

They test your ability to analyze the “sciency” data they give you.

What they test: Remember this is more like “Reading Comprehension” and NOT a test of your knowledge of science. The passages provide all the information you need.

The Good News: Science Reasoning is WAY more "reasoning" and far LESS "science".

But the “Sciency” jargon might be foreign for many students. Always bear in mind, this section simply tests a student’s ability to absorb the STATED/GIVEN information in a passage and “reason” with that information. Everything you need is provided—mostly (they have begun to sprinkle in a very small number of questions that test very basic science information students should have learned in high school).

We teach you ABOUT the test:
  • 7 “science” passages
  • 5-7 questions per passage
  • 35 minutes
  • Topics: biology, chemistry, physics, and earth/space science like astronomy, geology, and meteorology
We teach you the two (2) keys for answering questions. How to:
  • Find the stated data WITHIN the passage
  • Use logic and reason to EXTRAPOLATE unstated assumptions and conclusions.
  • You will learn to: Interpret, Evaluate, Reason, Solve Problems
We teach approaches and strategies for the three (3) passage types:
  • Data Representation (questions based on tables, graphs, and diagrams)
  • Research Summaries (tables and graphs with additional information and summaries about the design of the experiment)
  • Conflicting Viewpoints (several related hypotheses or views that are inconsistent with each other)

Essay Writing

The essay is not mandatory. However, writing well is critical for college success. This means having the ability to logically and clearly express your ideas.

There are two types of essay writing and we teach BOTH of them: “Argument” and “Issue” essays.

The Essay Writing class will:
  • Familiarize students with each type of essay question
  • Explain a methodology for test-day
  • Provide rubrics showing the keys for an excellent, average, and poor response
  • Develop a student’s ability to create quality opinionated essays
  • Teach essential elements that make up an effective analytical essay.
  • Provide model essays, responses, and analysis based on the rubrics
You learn how to create:
  • Strong thesis statements
  • Interesting opening paragraphs
  • Clear supporting paragraphs
  • Logical conclusions
  • Useful transitional statements
You also learn to:
  • Absorb and analyze the issue or argument
  • Develop and recognize the key points
  • Arrange your proof
  • Analyze counter arguments
  • Use assertive language
  • Evaluate your logic and grammar
We teach you to use a check list:

Parents Love Us

Barry Schnaitman says:

“My oldest daughter was able to improve her score and is now attending a high cost private college with half the tuition being covered by scholarships. We are back ordering again to prepare our other teenagers much earlier than before. Thanks!”

Eva Bowers says:

“Hurricane Katrina destroyed my oldest son’s high school forcing him to attend 3 different schools his senior year. We were worried about how all this change would affect his ACT score. After using this program, his score increased and he received a scholarship. I am now ordering the program for my other son. Thanks you so much NFL players and sponsors for making this program available.”

James Schumacher says:

“Our Family certainly thanks you all for developing and supporting this program. Last year, we got the program for our daughter and now she is going to college on a full ride scholarship. Thank-you for concern and help.”

Grace Mischenko says:

“Thank you!! My oldest got a full-tuition waiver scholarship due to his score! Now, my second is getting ready to take his tests!”

Andrea Johnson-Harvey says:

“Great product. My son has a reading disability and needed to raise his SAT scores in order to gain NCAA eligibility. Your program helped him do that, and he is now playing lacrosse in college. Thank you”

Lisa McCann says:

“Thank you for providing this opportunity to students. Though my son is only a freshman, this program has already helped my son score better on tests and has increased his confidence in test taking. That in itself is a great advantage to him.”

Christina Griffis says:

“As a former homeschooling family, two of our sons utilized Power Prep for the ACT and were successful in raising their scores. Now, as a guidance counselor at a private school, I am happy to relate that experience to the students! Because of my family’s positive results with eKnowledge, I have insured that the DVD has been available at our school for the past two years. Thank you for a software package that has been proven to help students increase their test scores! Well done! :)”

Kimberley Bates says:

“Thank you all, for the opportunity you have afforded our children throughout the last 5 years. (with your help) Our 2 eldest have gone on to Wellesley College and Sweet Briar college, with full academic scholarships. Our youngest is beginning high school in the fall. We know this program will give her a head start and help her feel comfortable taking the SAT and ACT. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.”

Educators Love Us

“For over 95 years NFHS has assisted students in every state. The eKnowledge SAT/ACT Donation Project reflects our core mission to enable academic success through sports and performing arts. Since 2005, this Project has helped hundreds of thousands of students. They express deep appreciation for the financial assistance and improved test scores. We highly support and recommends this project to everyone.”

Elliot Hopkins

MLD, CAA, National Federation of High Schools (NFHS)

“For many years, the NFHS and eKnowledge has supported hundreds of Iowa families and students with heavily discounted top-rated SAT/ACT online prep resources. The IHSAA is exptremely proud to continue our partnership with eKnowledge for the benifit of Iowa families.”

Tom Keating

Executive Director, Iowa High School Athletic Association

“For more than a decade students in Arkansas have benefited from the eKnowledge Donation Project, which has assisted our students by waiving the SAT and ACT Prep Course price. We are indeed grateful for eKnowledge for helping to prepare our students. Financially, this program is designed to aid all high school students who are seriously considering the next educational step – college. We totally support it.”

Lance Taylor

Executive Director, Arkansas Activities Association (AAA)

Student spotlight

We are very happy for Caity. She was offered a full-ride softball scholarship to Stanford. But she needed to improve her test scores to accept the scholarship.

Here is what she has to say

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